The best of brands. Size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 $8 to $20 a pair. Pictures of Chicos, Reba , Coldwater creek jeans. Some are Strachey, jaggings Have a lot of clothing
Mostly small and medium. I have two large. I have more than shown in pictures. From 3 to 8 dollars each. Can also be used for a cat
I wore this one time. Goes wonderfully with just black pants. Can be casual or dressy. The color is wonderful. Size 12 Paid $100 at Dillards
These are the most comfortable jeans you could put on your body. They look very tight that theyre very stretchy. Size zero meaning 6 to 8. These look wonderful with anything especially tops that are a little longer. These particular jeans work good for tall people